Course curriculum

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    What is the Life Creation Course About?

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    • Congratulations on making the decision for YOUR BEST LIFE, starting now!

    • Welcome to YOU TRANSFORMED!

    • Pre-work - Discover who you are today in order to plan actions for growth tomorrow.

    • Pre-work - What is the timeline of your emotional life?

    • Pre-work - Ge gently

    • Pre-work - look inside your relationships

    • Pre-Work - What color are your life’s glasses?

    • Review of the pre-work

    • Welcome to the workshop, our goals and objectives and points of focus,

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    Lesson #1 - What Color are your glasses.

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    • Copy of What color are your glasses? How do you see the world?

    • Copy of BONUS - calm the scattered brain, bring your energy inward.

    • Congratulations!

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    Lesson #2 -powerful words and thoughts to create reality!

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    • How can words and thoughts create your reality - beneficial or troublesome and what to do about it?

    • Words list - save and print!

    • Congratulations!!!

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    Lesson #3 - What are your core values for building your life?

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    • What are your core values? What’s important to YOU? What expresses YOU? How do you find those values?

    • Congratulations!

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    Lesson #4 - From values to boundaries to peace......

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    • Your values form your boundaries and from there you create peace and build your life.

    • Congratulations!

  • 07

    Lesson #5 - Powerful Listening and relationship development

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    • Listening based on the color of your glasses.......

    • Congratulations! Listen UP! It’s a powerful tool for building relationships.

  • 08

    Lesson #6 - Dreams that fuel your lift and light you up!

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    • Congratulations - Now it’s time to set the vision for your life going forward!

    • Congratulations! After you know what fires you up - set a vision to achieve your dreams and the life you want.

    • Congratulations! Now as you know what’s important for you and what lights you - up it’s time to do the work to set the vision for your life!

  • 09

    Lesson #7 - design the vision for your life

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    • Set the vision and the direction for your life.....

    • Vision worksheet